I’m an early adopter of the web and developed my first web-based applications for financial data in 1996 while working for a market data startup called LPC. For much of my career I’ve worked in a designer/architect role – information architect and user experience – but my background in programming (Java/SQL, Javascript, C++, C) gives me insight into the inner workings of software systems. After LPC was sold to Reuters in the late ’90s I made a name for myself as a new-media artist and am considered to be a pioneer of digital art on the Internet. More recently, after several years in the big corporation experience at Thomson Reuters, I am back in startups, consulting for a new personal finance company.

as a web developer

I have worked in startups in user experience and information architecture,
For example Kaarme.com and Loan Pricing Corporation
Background in Java programming, SQL database, software architecture.

as a visual artist

Recognized as a pioneer in digital art
Created interactive public art projects that used the internet as an exhibition space and a conceptual framework.
Included in the Whitney Biennial in 2002.
Have had solo shows at bitforms gallery in Chelsea NYC
Taught 3D graphics programming at ITP in NYU