1984 BFA, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Solo Exhibitions
2009 “Venus 2.0”, [DAM] Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany, December 2009
2007 “New Work”, Bitforms Gallery, New York City, April 2007
2006 “The Cyclops Series”, Grossman Gallery, Lafayette College, Easton PA, September 2006
2005 “Empire”, Bitforms Gallery, New York City, October 2005
2003 “Sacred Code”, Bitforms Gallery, New York City, December 2003

Group Exhibitions
2015 “Come as You Are: Art of the 1990s”, Montclair Museum, New Jersey
2015 “Porn to Pizza – Domestic Cliches”, DAM Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2015 “A Brief History of the Future”, Royal Museums of Fine Art Belgium, Brussels, Belgium
2012 “World on a Wire”, bitforms gallery, New York
2011 “2nd Mostra de Arte Digital”, Marta Traba Gallery, Memorial da America Latina, Sao Paulo
2011 “net.flag highlights”, Big Screen Plaza, Eventi Hotel, New York City
2011 “Mods&Hackers”, Young Projects, Los Angeles, May 2011
2011 “Happy Tech”, Fondazione Marino Golinelli, Palazzo di Re Enzo, Bologna, Italy, Jan 2011
2010 “Digital Art @ Google: Data Poetics”, Google New York City, June 2010
2010 ‘Re-Creation”, Ogilvy & Mather, New York
2010 “Mois Multi 2010”, Quebec City, Quebec, Jan 2010
2009 “Hybrid Geographies”, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
2009 “STRP Festival”, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2009 “Fluid Architectures” , Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009 “Art and Electronic Media”, bitforms gallery, New York
2008 “Digital Safari”, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio
2008 “Holy Fire: Art of the Digital Age”, iMAL Center for Digital Culture and Technology, Brussels, Belgium
2008 “13th Art Biennial”, Pancevo, Serbia
2007 “Software-Animation-Object: John F. Simon and Mark Napier”, [DAM] Berlin Gallery, Germany, September 2007
2007 NETworking”, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel, November 2007
2007 Pulse, New York
2007 “B I T M A P: as good as new”, VertexList gallery, New York, September 2007
2007 “Ars Electronica – Digital Art and Magic Moments”, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China, October 2007
2007 “Source Code”, Eyebeam Atelier, New York City, June 2007
2006 “Further Processing”, Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, Austria, September 2006
2006 “Am, Eretz, Medina”, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel, May 2006
2005 Bitforms Gallery, Seoul, Korea, October 2005
2005 “Connessioni Leggendarie”, Mediateca di Santa Teresa, Milan, Italy, October 2005
2005 “Pintar sense pintar”, Centre d.Art la Panera, Lleida, Spain, April 2005
2004 “Hyper-Runt”, Inliquid, Philadelphia, October 2004
2004 “Villette Numéque”, la Villette, Paris, September 2004
2003 “Pages”, Christine Rose Gallery, New York City, December 2003
2003 “Hilchot Shchenim”, Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel, December 2003
2003 “Interactive Design”, Centre Pompidou, Paris, November 2003
2003 “Abstraction Now”, Kürhaus Wien, Vienna, September 2003
2002 “Future Cinema”, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany, November 2002
2002 net.flag exhibited at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, September 2002
2002 “The Waiting Room”, Bitforms Gallery, NY, NY, April 2002
2002 The Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, NY, March 2002
2002 Transmediale.02, Berlin, Germany, February 2002
2002 Princeton Art Museum, Princeton, NJ, January 2002
2001 “Animations”, P.S.1, Long Island City, NY, October 2001
2001 “net.ephemera”, Gallery of the Moving Image, New York City, May 2001 Curated by Mark Tribe
2001 “Data Dynamics”, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, March 2001
2001 “010101”, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, January 2001
2000 “Call and Response”, The Kitchen, New York, September 2000
2000 “Ideogram Part 2”, Gallery of the Moving Image, New York, September 2000
2000 “World Wide Video Festival”, Amsterdam, September 2000
2000 “Protocol Prone”, Bard College, Annandale, New York, April 2000
2000 “The Anagrammatical Body”, ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany, April 2000
2000 “AEN – Art Entertainment Network”, Walker Art Center, February 11, 2000
1999 “Net_condition”, ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany
1999 Boston Cyberarts Festival,
1999 “Reel New York.Web”, New Media Group Thirteen/WNET, May 1999. Curated by Carl Goodman
1998 “Transmediale 98”,, June 1998
1998 “Digital 98”, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. NY. Curated by Timothy Druckrey
1997 “Transmediale 97”,, June 1997
1996 “Art Carnival”, Eighth Floor Gallery, Soho, NY.
1996 “ThreeManShow”, 450 Broadway Gallery, Soho, NY.
1996 “Sacred Space”, 450 Broadway Gallery, Soho, NY.
1995 “Soul in C Minor”, 450 Broadway Gallery, Soho, N
1993 Spazi Fine Arts, Housatonic, Mass.
1993 “New Directions”, Pleiades Gallery, Soho, NY. Juried by Judith Collishan

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1996 “Web Sightings”, The New Yorker, June 24 1996

2002 “Markle Feed” customized version of “Feed”, commissioned by the Markle Foundation, NYC.
2002 Artist in Residence at the Sackler Center of the Guggenheim Museum, New York.
2001 “net.flag” – net art project. Commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum for acquisition into the permanent collection.
2001 “USA 1.1” – net art project. Commissioned by
2001 “Point-to-Point” – net art installation. Commissioned by Whitney Museum of American Art
2000 “Feed” – net art project. Commissioned by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
1999 “Pulse” – net art project. Commissioned by

Awards and Honors
2007 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Computer Arts
2002 Creative Capital grant
2001 Nominated for a Webby Award in the Arts category
2001 New York Foundation for the Arts, fellowship in Computer Arts
2001 Greenwall Foundation grant for “Point-to-Point”
2000 Fraunhofer Society prize for “Point-to-Point”
1999 The Shredder awarded honorable mention by Ars Electronica 99.
1998 Digital Landfill receives first prize in ASCII Digital 99 festival.