New-media Venus
2009 Generative artwork coded in Java and OpenGL

In a media environment dominated by algorithms, code, big data, and terms like CSS, HTML, XML and SQL, the core of human nature still pervades the machine. Facebook, Okcupid, Plenty of Fish. The web is in part a technology for dating, mating and exploring desire.

PAM was inspired by the traditional of painting the Venus, the ideal of feminine beauty. Ingres, Titian, Velazquez, Rembrandt. PAM is a venus born from and made for the digital landscape. Pam Anderson – the most imaged woman on the web, pioneer of the intentionally “leaked” sex video, cross-media pinup – becomes the subject matter for a reverse-cubist portrait. A woman re-formed from hundreds of fragmented images found online.

PAM is generative software that produces a moving figure constructed from images found on the web. PAM has been shown as live installation, video and print. There are three artworks in the series: PAM on Sofa, PAM Standing and PAM Reflected.

“Venus 2.0 is an amazing jigsaw puzzle, a deceptive surface of shifting layers – part painting and part search result.”,
Furtherfield, September 2010
Venus 2.0, solo show at DAM Berlin, December 2009